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Escher strikes again!
posted Monday July 2nd @ 11:01am

Escher strikes again!

Long term readers may recall that a certain surrealist artist was caugt moonlighting on the University of Sussex campus a while back. Well, it appears he's up to his old tricks once more, this time in a riverside development in Windsor. If you look carefully at this photo you will notice that there are in fact five different routes from the upper to the lower levels of the courtyard, of which only the very longest and most serpentine comprises solely ramps. So really what we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the disabled, along with some kind of voodoo people poison design concept that could only have made sense to somebody skylined at the wrong end of three kilos of a whole suite of narcotics. It really is no good for anybody.


I really must stop posting this crap after drinking Leffe.

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