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Self Help
posted Monday October 1st @ 11:02am

Self Help

I found this slightly creepy selection in a bookshop in Windsor. It's interesting because although they have clearly directed subtly different expressions for each book cover - sympathy for the bereaved versus piercing inquisitiveness for debtors - using one model is an unusual choice of strategy. Particularly since she is the author of precisely none of the books, some of which are even penned by men. I trust that she is somehow connected to This Morning otherwise I'm a bit short on insight here.

Also, while I'm at it, who is going to buy that "Escape Domestic Violence" volume? I've never been beaten up by a partner but if I were I doubt I'd leave that particular title lying on the nightstand. Similarly, giving it as a gift seems rather.. sad. The best I can hope for is that somebody reads it in the shop and then acts upon it. Somehow the idea of a battered wife motoring through a few chapters on the sly during work hours before stashing it behind the pipes in the living room just doesn't sound credible.

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