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99.9p a litre
posted Thursday November 15th @ 12:00pm

99.9p a litre

I get the feeling this will, quite soon, be laughably cheap. I wonder if rural areas will see the same thing I saw in the USA in 2005; ghosts of old gas stations with signs still proudly selling around the dollar-a-gallon mark but squeezed out by people buying less fuel as it becomes less affordable.

A pound a litre. I mean, a pound. Of course in terms of the envioronmental damage caused by obtaining it that's still cheap but it's the landmarks that change one's perception of motoring. Ironically, after I took this shot, I drove onto the M4 and straight into a jam so bad that it took me three hours to cover ten miles.

I wonder how long it will be before the rubberneckers pursue lawsuits against the people who crashed to recoup the additional fuel cost incurred.

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