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One question personality test
posted Friday October 25th @ 9:45pm

One question personality test

Want to learn about yourself? Don't have time for one of those patronising "mostly As" quizzes in the back of Cosmo? I've distilled 90% of the value of all these quizzes into one single power-question. Are you ready? All you have to do is answer the following question HONESTLY.

What is the primary function of the article pictured above?

Now that you have an answer in your mind, look up the closest one below and then skip to the similarly-numbered definition below to see what your place in society is.

If you said...

  1. Wiping the grease off my fingers after a delicious meal
  2. Wiping the outdoor filth off my hands before I handle food
  3. Something to do with the diet of uncultured commoners
  4. Cleaning keyboards

Then you are a..

  1. Normal person
  2. Normal civilised person (over 30 and/or married and/or female)
  3. God-damned liar. Everyone loves KFC.
  4. Even if you would've given this answer, you probably cheated and went for 2 because it makes you sound less grotty than you really are

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