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you've got to love a job like this
err.. wednesday?

How am I supposed to censor the poetic genius of articles like this one, relating a pretty standard omnibus-slander-witchcraft story from Manzini correspondent, Sandile Nkambule. Watch the name, this reporter is going to go far. Just not in journalism.

Mavuso said that the accused told them that they were descendants of Almon and that he (Almon) had bewitched his father, much to the surprise of the other passengers in the fully packed bus.
“He shouted that these are the sons to Almon the ‘dog’ that bewitched my father who is going to pay for being responsible for his sickness” Mavuso said.
While Mavuso and Sihle wanted to get an explanation as regards the accused’s statement, within two shakes of a duck’s tail they were assaulted with an open hand by the accused who told Mavuso that he talks too much.

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