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25th September

Hiatus, like Haiku, should be short and structured. Not so in this case; I was behind already on the last entry and that was over three weeks ago. Frankly, I'm busy with so many other engagements that I simply don't have time for this. Actually, that's a lie because I manage to get 700 words per week out to the Times. However, the things I am involved with do take a lot of mental effort and at the end of the day I'm not keen to pass up on a bit of music and a lot of sleeping just to tell everyone what I'm up to. What is this, anyway; Big Brother? Can't a man have a little mystery about himself?

At any rate, without the digital camera the gallery has ground to an ignominious halt and, as the front page script can't handle that (dashed off as it was in an afternoon) I can't start a new chapter until I finish my current film. Bad luck, folks. Will this end up being the only chapter with more text entries than photos? Possibly.

In the meantime, you're too late to ask for a pic of Bob with his stitches in; I took him in on Friday to have them out after discovering that his ear was too sensitive for me to do it alone. When we got to the vet, he actually wet himself with fear, the wimp, and tried to run out of the gate. It took three of us to pin him down sufficiently tightly for the vet to snip out the stitches with a razor blade, Bob writhing and whining like a puppy in mortal agony. Within ten seconds of us finishing, of course, he was fine.

I ran into Polar Pat this morning, the guy who used to bring ice cream around to the Times. He was cheerful as ever but I noticed that his beautiful, insulated trolley with the sun umbrella was gone and he now only has a cooler box in a shopping trolley. I didn't ask what went wrong and he obliged by telling me he's branching out into painting. Murals on houses, hawks on busses, that kind of thing. The six-foot-wide eagle he did for HambaUbuye's Mbabane to Nhlangano bus is stunning; I'd seen it but not realised it was his. I am now considering using him instead of a standard respray on the Merc.. he's a lot cheaper, I can tell you.

I've also bought some fog lamps to use as reversing lights for when it's really dark; the normal ones simply don't cut it on clouded nights, and am installing them tonight. UV, my car repair consultant du jour reckons they'll also be good for blinding speed cops in pursuit at night time.


Anyway, until the next time I have enough coffee to write anything at all..

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