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Plain Chocolate Rich Tea Fan Mail!
posted Monday February 27th @ 12:00pm

To: Carl
From: pulp***@***.com
Date: 20 February 2006 13:37
Subject: Site message

Er... I'm afraid I don't know who you are but I happened upon your website while searching frantically for references to Sainsbury's Plain Chocolate Rich Tea biscuits. Well, I too became madly addicted to these biscuits several years ago and was deeply saddened by their disappearance. If you should happen to have any information as to where and how they can be obtained, would you be so kind as to let me know?

Thank you,


From: Carl
To: pulp***@***.com
Date: 20 February 2006 18:58
Subject: Re: Site message

I wish I could help you! Alas I can offer no better advice than that which appeared on my website - keep your eyes peeled. They do resurface every now and again.

By a bizarre twist of coincidence, I found a sealed pack of PCRT in a drawer just last week. They were over a year out of date (sacrilege I know) but your email has prompted me to try one and, thanks to the wonder that is modern preservatives, it and three of its friends have proved quite edible. If you are anywhere near Stratford upon Avon in the near future, drop me a line and let's have tea. And biscuits.

Congratulations on the email address, by the way. I used to be a big Pulp fan in my teens (my angsty phizzog is still in their facebook on the fan website) and was much cheered by the thought of warm Summer evenings, hanging out of a bedroom window and eating an entire term's ration of biscuits in less time than it took to play "His 'n' Hers" all the way through.


To: Carl
From: pulp***@***.com
Date: 28 February 2006 16:08


Thanks for writing back, and for your kind invitation to stop by for tea (I assume this tea would feature some of the afore-mentioned PCRT, of course).

Interestingly enough, I once wrote a "book" (this was supposed to be the start of a glorious literary career which sadly fizzled out around page 110) in which the central character (loosely based on myself) was a Pulp-crazed girl who lived on nothing but gin and tonic and PCRT. When I discovered the unfinished project years later I had a brilliant idea for the ending - the girl goes into a coma and awakens shortly after the turn of the century to find that PCRT has been pulled off the shelves, Jarvis fronts some unknown band in a weird glow-in-the-dark skeleton constume, and everyone loves hip hop.

There must be some cosmic PCRT-Pulp link out there...

Cheers and thanks again,


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