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Dear James,
posted Wednesday May 2nd @ 11:00am

Having read through the agreement carefully I have decided not to take the free trial. This is a considered decision based upon my understanding of my potential ability to extricate myself from the rental contract if the service is not to my liking and the overall feeling I get from you of fevered, commission-hungry hard sell rather than customer information. As a businessman I know full well that a profit has to be made and am quite happy for somebody to do so if they provide a useful service at a fair price. This is a thought which appears to have eluded you when you came up with the phrase, "It's free, free, free all the way" this afternoon and frankly stands in stark contrast to the twelve month x 29 pounds rental agreement you assured me was just some sort of security check. I'm also suspicious of the fact that you haven't bothered to give me the usual, "only available this week" spiel before hassling me daily to get the form back for some offer expiration deadline which appears only to exist in your own head. Ultimately all I hear from you is the pushy desperation of a man for whom the recent interest rate rise means he has to close two extra sales a week to cover the payments on his BMW.

I didn't want to go on but I just want you to know that your badgering did not, and will not, pay off. So please stop calling. Apart from anything else I would appreciate it if you did not call me at a client office while I am on the clock.


PS If you use the word, 'yourself' inappropriately one more time I'll come down there and beat you senseless with the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. Same goes for 'obviously'.

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