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Stupid journalist is stupid
posted Thursday November 20th @ 10:52pm

Stupid journalist is stupid

Ross McGuinness of the London Metro, you are a genius. First of all you dob in some UCLA researchers for doing what is, if you look it up, illegal. Secondly you manage to use your Windows calculator to paste in the seven zeroes in the inverse of 12.5M but fail to realise that your per-mil figure for spam sending prices your 350M emails at £17,500 - serendipitously precisely ten times the profit you reported. The only way to get £2M from that sort of return is to start with £2M and not do anything.

This article fails to make the central point of the study, highlights a random, uncited and unrelated statistic about spam profits and then manages to contradict the scientists' central argument.

It is, in short, a towering achievement of shitty journalism and I bow before your mastery of the art.

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