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BAA Advertisers can't keep their maps straight
posted Saturday November 1st @ 3:05pm

BAA have a series of cheeky ads which draw tenuous links between far-flung places that, conveniently, suggest purchases from their duty free shop. They're a bit crass to be honest; slogans like, "Shopping to fly for" aren't just grammatically discordant, they are somewhat distasteful given the new awareness of the environmental damage that flying causes. "Breakfasts to fly for" - never mind the skin cancer because the ozone is gone - bring me a seared bacon butty! I accept it's just a silly advertising campaign but they could at least make sure they're actually selling something. The digital camera poster promotes "Memories to fly for". Well, yes.. so why do I need a camera again?

The other slightly odd thing about these ads is the way they're laid out as schematic route maps, with the familiar curved flight paths, and yet not a single one quite looks commensurate with my understanding of world geography. This in particular has been annoying me for a while so I decided to see just how wonky they would look with a real map under them. The verdict: pretty wonky.

Mouse over for the map overlays.

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