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Weds 21st August

I know, I know, I know I'm starving you, but I'm nearly finished with this website. Please bear with me. I have been taking ten seconds or so every time something really stupid comes my way, so in actual fact I do have something for you to read.. enjoy.

The sources said he almost stabbed another young man on the head when he tried to help the police drag him to where their van was parked.
However, the police - who were obviously irritated by the suspect's action - made sure that they give him what he deserved as they beat him hard until he almost lost conscious.

MBABANE- About 15 disabled children yesterday received a screeming Camp from the doctors, who are expected to begin a medi-care, the project in the country in mid October.

Too much booze at sports events
'I have therefore felt that it would be a disservice if SADAT did not openly condemn the abuse of both alcohol and sports.'

The infant, Melusi Manana, was playing in the grass just outside home with his elderly brother of 5 years of age when the uncontrollable blaze started igniting the area.

'We were all drunk, so I fought back,' he said. He said the deceased took a shovel to assault him with, but he dispossessed him and used it on him. He said after the incident, he went to his house to sleep. He said the following morning, he discovered that there was blood in his head.

MANZINI - A 38 year old woman who stole and concealed a pair of shoes in her private parts yesterday stunned the court with her intimate shoplifting revelation.
Thembi Nene received a total of 24 months in prison as she was sentenced to six months for each offence with a fine option of E480.
She is said to have stolen, on different occasions, items ranging from baby clothes to adult shoes.
According to Sabelo Zwane a shop assistant at Ackermans clothing, Nene came into the shop on Saturday as an ordinary customer and went about looking at the items at the store.
However, as the shop has security gadgets that detect stolen items at the exit point of the shop, Nene was caught on her way out.
"Upon searching her we found the shoes neatly tucked in her private parts," Zwane said much to the amusement of the court.
On the very same day she is said to have stolen a bottle of baby oil from Evukuzenzele supermarket.

MANZINI - A woman charged with stealing and concealing shoes in her private parts shocked a police officer who arrested her when she told him in the face that no matter how hard she can nail her, she was going to come out of jail as she would pay the fine imposed on her by the court yesterday.

'It could not have been a woman. Being a rugby player, I know the strengths. I have not met or come across a woman of that eligibility and strength,' he said.

'Some have this gays which look alike with that of the police officer with the strap which has a crown at the front,' the minister said.

The senator asked the PM to explain to the house if there was a method which was used in giving promotion to the police officers. Bennett said he was touched by the increased rate of crime amongst the officers.

The two had a heated argument, which almost started a brawl. However the late man was too late for a fight as his cousin pulled firewood from the fireplace and he hit him on the forehead. The diseased fell down and he was rushed to the Raleigh Fitikin Hospital where he met his death while under going medication.

As a special treat for all those who've read this far, I've got a little something extra from AIM the other night..

I accuse Max of breaking my computer

My Brother: As if.
Me: well, you can't even DRIVE
Me: lol
My Brother: I only had to throw away two bits that wouldn't go back in after last time
Me: har de har har
Me: did either of them say, 'intel' on?
My Brother: I don't know. I wasn't wearing my glasses
Me: ha ha ha
My Brother: Careful. You don't know whether I'm joking...
Me: But I do know how much you value your eyes
Me: and you know I'll send the boys round if you break my computer
My Brother: Ooh, really?
Me: see you later
My Brother: Can you send them round anyway?
Me: oh GOD!

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