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Wasted time and 4x4
Thu 29-08

Well, to tell you the truth, it's been quite an interesting week; I felt terrible yesterday when I realised how much I've neglected you lovely people. Seven whole days without an update! It must be like accidentally waiting until after the adverts to make a cuppa during Big Brother.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Not a vast amount, according to Yael, my boss, who has been on at me for days now about the website. Right now, it's simply technical difficulties; once again Linux is too secure for its own good, and refusing to let anybody do anything, in particular me run scripts. But there you go.

A couple of pictures up; the floppy drive on my laptop appears to be slowly giving up the ghost, refusing to write more than 400K on a disk, and even that unreliably. Welcome back to single-sided hell! Given that my taste for uncompressed images has set the standard file size at 350K a time, it's no surprise that I'm getting exceptionally bored transferring them, and giving up after four. So apologies for that; if anybody knows why my modem will dial but can't hear what's being said to it, and can fix the problem, please give me a call.

Or anybody who's got a MacLink set. In Swaziland.

Last night I drove down to the farm with Desmond; he'd left his phone down there and had some things of Andy's to give back to him as well. When we got there, I was far too knackered to drive back, so we sat down and knocked back a few beers. I watched a fantastic sci-fi series of The Lost World with Dessy, although this particular version would've been better titled, Gossard Valley, or maybe, Hot Pants and Hocus Pocus. Still, most enjoyable fare for 1 a.m. and excessively soporific.

This morning, Desmond decided we should go back to Mbabane cross-country, now that is was daylight. It's amazing how beautiful scenery becomes a terrifying maze of bogs, hidden rocks and deep rivers when you've got three-and-a-half tonnes of steel with you. On the flip side, of course, you don't expend much energy (except throwing the non-power steering around and your heart-rate) and throwing the back out on the flat is hugely enjoyable. In fact, by the time we got back to Pine Valley, I was quite upset to be back on the tarmac. I'll tell you this, though: getting back into the Golf was a revelation. The clutch and brake feel feather-light after the 4x4 tank!

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