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19th March

Okay, so March was a painful rollercoaster that I'll be thrilled to have behind me. That's not to say it was all bad, or all exciting (or, conversely that it's all over) but it was generally just about the most trying month since I've been here. First, I lost my way totally and lost my heart to somebody who was totally unsuited to me. Then I realised that I was a touch out of practice at being emotional and became rabidly unstable, giggling over code at work one day and sitting in bleak catatonia the next. Ultimately, though, it was good; it was good for my writing, some of which made it through to here, and it was good for my general attitude to life, which allowed me to take the sudden theft of my digital camera, radio and computer so well in my stride that when Real Image sacked me the following week, I simply took that on board as well and traipsed off to AM Recruitment with my CV in my back pocket.

Occasionally I would get worried that I wasn't upset about any of these setbacks, but never long enough actually to get upset. I zoomed around organising things and keeping busy.. and then of course it all fell apart at the seams. Well, I say 'it all' but by around nine last night I was so bored of being upset about my love life that it just stopped, very suddenly, and in the middle of a song by Pulp who always seem to be on hand when I'm going through some kind of crisis. Anyway, there you go. I just hope that the creative floodgates don't close on me just because I'm a step back from where I wanted to be.

Amazing; even after it's over it's still more important to me than, say, losing 3 months' wages-worth of computer, without which I can't work from home. At any rate, I'm recovering; I was foolish to get that worked up about it but there you go.

In other news, then, I've posted pics from Niki's school swimming gala, mostly taken by Jen (mine were rubbish, sadly, after I got a bit excited with the 3X teleconverter and the 220mm zoom). Also another shot of T-Bone, who is very photogenic even when he's been behind the fridge and is wearing a fetching cobweb wig. Notice his full recovery from baldness.. my faith in the vet is restored, even if he is a bit fresh with his vaccination charges.

I've got a job interview on the 27th, don't forget to root for me because if I don't get it I'll have an interesting time at the end of April, hem-hem. Don't ask about the Merc.

And.. well.. that's about it. Oh, except I found a nice little TEAC CD player in Johannesburg and when I crossed the border back I found a large wooden packing case with the following legend inscribed upon it:

EG&G Astrophysics Research Corporation
Long Beach, CA, USA

Deliver to EG&G, Brants Hill,
Bracknell, Berks, UK


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