Full Flavour Behaviour!

The hectic life of the unemployed

Blimey, it's been that busy being a workshy social sponge that I haven't had time to update. Amazing, what a change from before etc.

Anyway, Joe King aside, I've been into a recruitment agency and might be doing some more work for the Times.. watch this space. And the Merc should be ready soon; I just have to come up with E750 to cover yet more admin fees, and work that had to be done for the roadworthy. Can you say, 'new windscreen'? Looking in my inbox it appears an ad agency want to get in touch.. three cheers for checking your email at the Internet cafe on a whim!

Looking forward to a visit from my Dad.. and today I had the inestimable pleasure of buying a gas stove so I can finally cook properly, heh heh heh.. maybe being at home all day won't be quite so bad, even after Tuesday's hangover finally lifts (joke, Mum, stop fretting).

Erk, got to go.



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