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Woah! Check out this month's referrals - who are all these guys? Fair enough, they all have links to me.. but why am I always listed under 'referrers'? One of those very strange Catch-22-esque loops like using a time machine to become your own Father. Anyway. Enjoy clicking through them all; from their newsy nature I can only assume that one of my fans has a seriously dodgy browser which is returning 'last page viewed' under the 'referrer' HTTP header, and these are just on their list of sites to check on a daily basis. Luckily, no guilt trip as it's plainly obvious that none of them update any less infrequently than old keyboard-allergy here. Which was a relief.

Still; enough of that. Yes, I'm back in the UK and it's freezing cold. The traffic is quantifiably worse. Just to prove it I'm going to say that London is running at about 40% of the speed it was when I left. Or maybe that was just because I'd never, ever seen London so early in the morning before, landing as I did at SIX. Blimey. Oh, and it was raining, which was nice on account of it having been dry for a week beforehand and both sunny and clear across all other parts of the UK that morning. Which made me feel very welcome I can tell you. There was a brief, Cool Runnings moment while I dashed back into the airport to throw on my jacket but apart from that no major shock or injury, which is nice.

Great to see the family again; they are full of beans etc. My sister is astonishingly tall and hard-working. I can see why my Mother was so afraid I'd be a bad influence. Oh, and the dog's put on a load of weight but that was only to be expected once the elder died and there was only one mouth to hoover up the treats.

Much interest in the mystery 'Sarah' on the front page all last week is justified; we are an item, albeit an item with a tiny crack down the middle 5,000 miles in width. Yes, yes, I know; best timing in the world, ever - well, short of meeting at the airport of course. The hardest part is that she's looking to get herself an MGB roadster for the summer. While I'm in the UK. Fate, you are an evil woman.

Mind you, I'd be a fool to complain as my Dad is currently surfing eBay for a replacement for his MGB GT which he just sold. Apparently a budget MKI E-type is on the cards. My nerves.

Yes, but enough of this frippery. I'm back, I'm a bit skint but I am mobile if anyone wants to meet up and buy me a beer. Ahem. Or give me a job. 07800 86 8896 is the number to call, text or blacklist.

Mwah, mwah, great to be back. Mostly.

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