Full Flavour Behaviour!

I heard it on the chat-line..

sordidboon: oh I have to tell you what I did this afternoon
cardinalcyn: do tell
I organised a test drive in a £17,000 car
you are so funny
I only went in for a bulb for my Mum's Volvo and they wouldn't let me leave until I'd booked a test drive
although it would've been funnier if I'd gone in for a test drive and only managed to afford a bulb
it's tomorrow morning
well, be sure you get up in time for it
shut up
I have to; I'm only in town because we're fixing the exhaust on the mitsubishi
that was funny too.. maybe it's just Wantage that this weird stuff happens in.. but anyway
I was at the exhaust place and a volvo pulled up - a really old one
I hear the handbrake ratchet (mmm.. nice) and she gets out. The car rocks slightly.. and starts rolling backwards.
oh dear
"HEY!" I shout but she's not really paying attention
so I just ran out, past her, opened the door, jumped in and stood on the brake
I don't think she realised what had happened until she turned around and saw me in her car
you know what the punchline is?
You're gonna love this
she hadn't put it in park
damn, that's idiotic
thats the kind of crap i do
well it must just be feminine then
that's why I love my girlie
she'd never forget to put the handbrake on.. sometimes she even puts it on while she's moving heh
come on, stick in a funny line; this whole thing is going on the site
i have no funny lines
but your test drive story is classic
I can't be bothered to type it out again either so looks like the site people are going to be disappointed again

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