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Dance Dance Gran Turismo
posted Sunday February 4th @ 12:00pm

Dance Dance Gran Turismo

I was in a gaming shop with Mark .. ooh .. years ago, when they had cheap Playstation dance mats for sale. We were just at the peak of our Gran Turismo 3 addiction phase and I was looking for a new way to enjoy the game..

..the rest, as they say, is stupid.

I genuinely think this could be the next big weight loss craze, just in time for Father's day. Dance Dance Revolution is recognised as a decent form of excericse but using the mat for more male-centric games could be a cunning way to motivate those who think enforced DDR sessions a bit girly. That said, I don't want you to overdo it so to save you the walk to the shops, here's an online store that stocks them:

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