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1st july 16:00

This afternoon I finally bade a fond farewell to Anglo and left behind the most convoluted website in the known universe.. and, sadly, my only excuse for eating at Lizzie's sandwich shop; surely the greatest ready-to-eat food emporium since Grubb's.

Those of you who know me well will be extremely unsurprised to hear that I made a beeline for campus and logged straight back in to update my diary scripts; time for some security, methinks, before it goes live in *gasp* three days' time. Just think, in half a week I'll be in freezing Johannesburg, supping beer and overloading my groaning stomach with steak in yet another semi-psychotic bid to win a Scrooge's T-shirt. Wow.

In the meantime, I've been browsing through my web stats program, which Noah installed for me - my, what entertainment to be had. Although the hit rate (record this month at nearly 100!) is abysmal, some of it is quite funny; for example the 'search strings' bit which, frankly, scares the living bejaysus out of me. I felt quite sorry for the guy who earnestly put in 'hermaphrodite faq' and got through to bumrape island, but as the following results show, he wasn't the only one to get through and not all of the others appear to have had noble intentions!

RankHits%age Search String
1 7 16.28% publicity posters
2 6 13.95% pineapple art
3 4 9.30% pineapple photographs
4 3 6.98% pineapple charm
5 2 4.65% bum rape
6 2 4.65% chillage
7 2 4.65% island of weirdos
8 2 4.65% perverted macromedia flash

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