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total panic before leaving
July 4th 16:00

I'm in the middle of an enormous panic at the moment, trying to get everything ready before I jet off into the sunny world of Windhoek and kilo steaks, but I'm still taking a moment to put up an entry.. how sweet!

Recently I've had the dubious pleasure of catching up on the world of pre-teenage girls by reading "Sugar", my sister's favourite publication after Jamie Oliver's books, and it's thrilling stuff. Not only do they have a week-by-week forecast for each star sign, and an enormous three-part quiz on determining whether you have 'glam-power', 'friend power', or 'slapper power' - sorry, I mean 'flirt power' - when it comes to picking up boys. I must say it's refreshing to discover that, whilst men have laboured for centuries to come to terms with the dizzying range of female personalities, the next generation is being raised to be neatly categorised into three. This is even an improvement on the Spice Girls' frankly confusing five personalities. Hopefully by 2050 we'll be down to one.

I was considering rating various bits of the past week with these things (I rather feel that Eva's friend marching in the door on Friday and demanding why I was 'getting Eva tipsy' would rate an or maybe even worse) but it seems a little silly, frankly.

On another note, I left Brighton yesterday after a phenomenal goodbye drinking session, thanks guys, can't wait for the next one, and the clear highlights of the evening were Ben presenting me with a very sweet leaving card (inside was scribed, 'stop hanging around with homos!') and going for a steak at 2am with Tom; such decadence!

Yesterday was fairly mundane, except for a thrilling drive into North London to visit Brendan for a quick curry, and then a further 2 hours up to Oxford. And wouldn't you believe it, they had closed the M4.. oh, joy! Still, there was quite an amusing piss-take programme about cricket on Radio 4, so that was something.

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