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erm.. yeah.. whoopee..
last day at the Times

Yes, folks, I got my visa. Went to Johannesburg to see Anne for a whopping great steak and went boozing with Pimane in Pretoria. Outrageous. Anne even sent me on my way with a crate of Windhoek.. lovely. Relaxed at Paul's for a while and was gloriously late for work, arriving at 6. Oh well..

New photo update involving guy-on-guy action at a party at Thulani's, Bob in my bed and Ronny the new gardner with his weapon out. My oh my. Have I been updating BRI too much? Mind you, with good reason; it's now ranked the 2,000,000th most looked-at site on the net.

Don't really have the energy for a big entry, will write something later tonight. I've introduced my replacement and partied my heart (and liver) out this weekend - enough is enough. I didn't even get around to fitting my exhaust gaskets.. oh well.

And before anyone gets upset, debate rages as to whether the Golf quarterlight was taken out by a local or a stray rock from the hillside. I doubt the human explanation as nothing was taken from inside (even money was left).. but you never know; Bob was outside and may have disturbed them.

Actually, got a tiny chip on the Merc windscreen as well on Friday, which has now stretched out, spider-like, to traverse the entire screen, top to bottom. Bugger. Still, that's what owning a car is all about, eh?

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