Full Flavour Behaviour!

19th November

I suppose it comes of living with an Irishman, but it's all gone a bit Murphy's law around here.

I come into work today with sandwiches for lunch, for the first time in a week, and Yael calls me to eat at Carlos' because his mother is over from Italy and making pasta.

I discover a cinema in Manzini, but it's E50 to get in on the one night I go.

I also spot that one of my favourite road signs (see Desmond's Departure photos) has been taken down and replaced with one that makes sense, ruining my journey.

Yesterday Ronny took Bob for a bath in the river and now he gets upset when Ronny leaves and I arrive, instead of vice versa.

I spent all my lunchtimes last week giving the site a revamp and I've only had a comment on it from one person I didn't tell specifically.

On the positive side, I do have a completed rain cover over the patio now.. although of course it never rains in the early morning or late evening, does it?

Oh, and I brought the camera and laptop to work this morning, but forgot the transfer cable.

Which is a fat lot of use.

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