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Just thought you'd enjoy these. I've been saving them again.. but of course they'll be the last ones.

Telling his side of the story, Khumalo said that he never intended to steal Gule’s wife but he was deceived by the woman, who told him that she was not married.
“In the second incident where she was found in my house she just came without an invitation and, unfortunately for me, I was sick, I could not do a thing.”

Agnes Dlamini said that she was forced to beat the Mozambican woman Sandra Mandlazi (38) because of the insults and that she was the one to lay hands on her.

People should find an aorta of morality within themselves.

SIPHOCOSINI – Residents here have protested against the construction of a mortuary in the main shopping complex, saying they do not subscribe to having such a business in the place because the owners might end up “slaughtering” some of them to boost the business.

“We no longer assault the suspects. We were told that it is a crime to assault the suspects. What we do now is that we arrest the suspect and immediately take him to the police,” he said.

Mdluli shot dead a suspect who ran halter skelter before he was shot by a stray bullet from a hail of bullets he let loose.

He said that if and when the students fail to compile, then again the committee has a duty to inform the minister and the school will remain closed for the rest of the term.

My greatest fear was the minister of enterprise and employment, Lutfo Dlamini, who has a soft spot for testicles. As I write this piece probably I would be without my citizenship as he might have thought of stripping me off. This is no ferry tale, he did that to the Chinese, he withdrew his work permit, as it was the only catch.

  • if it wasn't for the genteel turn of phrase, wouldn't this one be better off in the Sport?
    MANZINI - While the community of Makholweni and Mbekelweni are happy about the construction of the Mbekelweni-Fairview road, they are, however, bitter about the construction men who are feasting on their daughters while they are at work.
    So serious is the situation that one of the high-ranking workers of Inyatsi Construction Company has been accused of impregnating three girls from the same area.
    The families of the girls that have been allegedly impregnated by the man are known to this newspaper but can not be named for ethical reasons.
    It is usual for construction men to take the opportunity to find women in communities they work in while constructing roads.

  • tautology in every sentence..
    MANZINI - Residents of Ngwane Park yesterday watched in disbelief as a Kombi was set aflame and reduced to ashes after it caught fire near the Nhangano- Mhlaleni Yithabantu public road.
    According to witnesses who were close to the scene, the incident happened just before 6am and the cause of the fire is said to have been an electrical fault that emanated from the wiring system of the vehicle.
    The witnesses said that there were no passengers in the public vehicle when the incident happened and that only the driver, who escaped unhurt, was inside.

    “In Britain we call it Citizenship studies. You have a proud history of tradition but there is also a modern world waiting for you. We in Britain also have along and proud history and tradition, part of it shared with Swaziland. And Britain has found that we can marry tradition with modern government without problems,” the High Commissioner said.

    Oh, that last one is a classic.

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