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Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated; especially so at the moment when the weather is so beautiful. James reprimanded me yesterday morning for slobbing in front of the computer when it was so sunny outside and, strangely for someone who spent 10 months of last year trying to avoid the sun, I found myself actually agreeing with him. As a compromise, however, I brought one of my crappy old laptops out to the garden with me. Of course, it was totally foul trying to work in the sunshine with a spent, passive LCD screen so I just ended up rading in an easy chair to the rhythmic sound of James hammering trellis supports into the garden fence.

For lunch, a trip into the countryside with the sprightly young Katie - the racy topless model James shows off to the world at weekends. Great fun to be in - the total lack of intelligence behind my filming in the relevant video should attest to my preoccupation with giggling stupidly instead of paying attention - she's also pretty stylish, even sporting a Mountney after market steering wheel - the wooden effect 'Trad' model as bashed into the website by my good self at some point later this week - and a new, clean, un-ripped (if slightly loose at speed) soft top. After a large, boozy and excellent luncheon at a country pub, it became evident that I was by far the more suited to driving home, which was an unexpected pleasure. I've been a little too used to smooth, forgiving modern cars lately and it was a real treat to jump into such a small, light, slightly unsteady little toy, whose brakes felt like the pads were shot and whose rear suspension I am convinced is filled with runny porridge. But all the same, it was a real giggle and when James drunkenly offered her to me I almost phoned the bank right then. But no; not yet. Better wait until I've actually got fat wedges of maintenance cash..

Late last night I has finally relaxed enough to start a proper writing session; I got out the laptop and banged out a few warm-up paragraphs.. but of course by then it was nearly midnight and I had to sleep. The weekends are getting too short again. Yes, I know I'm just making excuses - I didn't really do anything on Saturday - but I'm allowed to be irritated and unmotivated today because last week's sales figures are in and the website only beat a handful of stores. Before you get too positive, remember that one of them was Penzance, and another was closed over the weekend. And they were the best two.

Sigh. Back to the steering wheels.

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