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Tim Curry: slick like Vaseline on an ice hockey rink

Normally, Monday morning is a hard landing from the weekend but this time it is a pleasant relief from the filthy hangover that plagued me yesterday. In fact, it's fair to say that the only thing I really enjoyed yesterday was burning off the throbbing behind my eyes with a quick bike ride down the river (okay, down the riverbank) and seeing a sign saying, "Dogs: do not foul the footpath" which struck me as somewhat hopeful, to say the least. Of course, I can't corroborate my story as I forgot to take my camera on this bike ride. Sorry about that. Anyway, to further alleviate the shock of this, reliably most unpleasant morning of the week, one of my colleagues has turned up to work dressed almost exactly like Miss Hardbroom, the closet nice teacher from The Worst Witch. I tried to google for an image but only got as far as this review before forgetting entirely why I was there. I know that's a link to page 4 but it's the only really good page of the review.. mainly because of the sweet TV (Tim Curry by Volume) factor, I must admit. Oh, and Diana Rigg as Miss H - the cast list sounds a lot better than the movie as related by this reviewer.

In other news, absolutely nothing interesting is happening at all. I have no pets to name, no recently purchased house to fill, no box of recently-taken photos of Scotland and no new job, even though various persons linked from my front page are having just such thrilling experiences. I did have an encounter with a spider this morning but it wasn't weaving a web across anything; it was hiding under a sock in my clean-laundry basket (sock drawers are just not convenient enough) and looked at least 10,000 times more terrified than I was, so I lobbed the big octopedal wimp out of the window.

Oh! I tell a lie; I'm in print! I discovered Log's Law of the Playground book in Waterstone's, and found one of my entries in it (I was still hung over though, and couldn't remember any others for which to check) and it was only mildly annotated. As with the thrilling blogs I mentioned earlier, there's a link from the front page if you want to read it.. it was about mashed potatoes.

The only other point of order, I suppose, is to explain the hangover.. well, Natalie had her 21st birthday at Shottery Hall. Unfortunately, all the very prettiest girls had their boyfriends with them.. and were under 16. Ah, well; there's always next year..

..oh no wait.

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