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This morning there was a post in one of the online discussion boards I frequent linked to a rather touching gallery all about a guy shaving his head for Easter to make his sister - currently undergoing chemotherapy - feel less conspicuous. Unfortunately of course he'd just uploaded the pictures into a folder and let everyone loose - something which works but is somewhat irritating because you have to click on each file in turn to see what it is. This is particularly pants if you don't even rename the files from the camera "DSC001.jpg" format.

Of course, after clicking on three images I lost my rag and wrote this image gallery script, which solves the problem at a stroke. Unfortunately, it does not resize the images so the page takes ages to load but it is a lot nicer than the raw file listing.

This in turn got me thinking about where I might find directory listings on which to test it out.. and then I remembered that old site I was banging on about in the last entry. I did post a few hours ago with links to that but, upon discovering GeoCities have implemented a transfer limit per hour, I amended the script to upload the files to my site. So here they all are. More will be added automatically as the transfer limiter re-sets itself.

Oh, and the password for the private chat, for those who are interested, is hallo123. I appreciate advertising it here rather invalidates the point of it but I just wanted to keep front page trolls out. Yes, everyone has the same password. No, it isn't big or clever to pretend to be other people.

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