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Google Sightseeing

Well, I've become very taken with Google Maps; their satellite mapping now covers the entire globe and I've been doing some virtual sightseeing. I even found Mbabane, with the orange granite of Sibebe to the North East. Andy's farm is off out there down the dirt road but I can' quite work out where. Although the rough border seems to run along the wrong side of it, I think I have also found an aerial view of Maguga Dam lake, which must've been taken a while ago as there aren't any islands!

Pretoria appears at amazingly high resolution, allowing clear views of The Voortrekker Monument and the The Union Building and Gardens.. you can just about make out Nelson being sworn in if you look closely. Johannesburg doesn't get the hi-fi treatment but you can still make out the Rand gold mines, Soweto to the south west and the green northern suburbs above.

Cape Town is a total mess, mostly obscured by an unfortunate cloud. You can just about make out the Lion's Head but most of town - and the Waterfront - is invisible. I get highly disoriented without any street mapping; I keep thinking I've found Kimberley but either the hole is a lot smaller than I remember or it's a few hundred miles north of where I think it is. Sigh. Is this really Victoria Falls? I had no idea it was so huge!

For more of this, check out the more comprehensive GoogleSightSeeing.com which, although it is so USA and Europe-centric that it doesn't even have Kilimanjaro, is still worth a peek.

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