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Far away is close at hand

Ever, we are told, since the 1960s our society has been in a downward spiral of premissiveness and depravity. I certainly have noticed that within my lifetime the border of acceptable behaviour has receded some significant distance. Today however, I received an email which demonstrated an almost too perfect fashion the fruitless and circular nature of this method of thrillseeking.

Remember when 'gay' was a big thing; titillating and shocking all at once? Well, those days are long gone; now it's 'bi-curious' guys with normal relationships who fancy a bit of bent action on the side who grab the imagination. But even that wasn't edgy enough, it seems. Here is the subject line:

Re: Real Gay man looking a pretty Gay girl

We've got so depraved, we're normal again. It's comforting, isn't it? Weirdly, another instance of this has just occurred at the office. One of the Marketing department, being a liberated modern woman, takes the buyers' macho posturing in her stride and swears with the best of them to get a point across. "If he hasn't put that till message through," she yelled into the phone just now. "I'm going to give him a right shagging." Ah, yes; now women are so liberated they're free to bonk their way to the top again. Or something.

Today is Mark's birthday and before I left the house, I laid out all the mailed cards that I've been hoarding because they arrived early in front of his door, along with a token gift - which I promptly trod on when I went back to grab my keys. Sigh. At least DVDs come in protective cases, eh?

I'm chronically short on sleep. For some reason I just can't turn in without doing some coding on one of my own, private projects and/or hanging around making facetious comments in chat. I also have nearly 8Gb of new music to which I haven't listened since downloading it from Byron in Seattle - 'moonman' from the Ski or Die chat log last month. I think having it on and downloading at full pace 24 hours a day for the fat end of two weeks has burned the modem out; it appears to crash whenever I'm not actively working at the machine (and sometimes when I am), disconnecting everything permanently until I restart. This is proving intensely tedious so I'm thinking very seriously about investing in a broadband modem. Alas, they are not cheap - decent ones start at £80 - and as anyone who's seen my wardrobe / old car / teeth will tell you, something has to be utterly non-functional before I'll consider spending money on it.

I think I need a holiday. In a way, I'm grateful none of my friends are getting married or anything but in another, I need the excuse. The only interesting thing in the offing is that my old mate Tom from Devon has entered a crew in the
World Seine Boat Rowing Championships 2005
- that's 'world' in the sense of the American 'World Series' - so I'm going to be thrashing it up and down the beach in a clinker-built, fixed seat deathtrap on May 14th. Apparently, it's so very dangerous that our first choice for coxswain backed out because of fears for her personal safety.


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