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0100, 09.xii.2004

You program in BASIC and FOR loops work fine
They slim down your code and they save you some time
Then GOSUB, the linear function() of yore
Increases the scope of your program some more
You still have some use for your GOTO and such
But really, your programs don't do very much.

And as you get older and learn O.O.P.
Your mind is expanded; you're starting to see
The world that is out there, the wide open space
Inviting and fright'ning; a smack in the face.
You find out that any conundrum will yeild
When faced with the force of the power you weild.

Or will it? You see, although most of the world
Can be written in C, Python-scripted or Perled
There are things you'll never quite manage to script
Some hardware that cannot be hacked, fixed or chipped
Some things in your life that are more than their parts
And the worst of them all are affairs of your heart.

There are things that make sense and some things that do not
Like running a fever yet not feeling hot
Or knowing it's best if you keep well away
Despite every cell in your blood screaming, "Stay!"
And sometimes you just type in passive and hope
But hiding's the top of a slippery slope.

So you turn to your function()s, express choice with } else {
Restrict with a limit the speed of your pulse
But it's lies, and you find when you've set up a while() {
Or a pause that will help you out-wait(); the denial
The loop never breaks, the condition not met
'cause you're foreach()ing $_POST when it should've been $_GET.


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