Full Flavour Behaviour!

Late night winter sports

0020.11 <pineapplecharm> okay; it's too late now
0020.12 <pineapplecharm> bed time
0020.16 <pineapplecharm> I've been playing ski or die
0020.22 <pineapplecharm> heh I love it; total blast from the past
0020.33 <pineapplecharm> and I still own the acro aerials
0020.34 <pineapplecharm> heh
0020.53 <pineapplecharm> high score on my first play; must've been 12 years ago last time
0021.08 <moonman> lol
0021.15 <moonman> hahah
0021.18 <moonman> you going to bed?
0021.39 <pineapplecharm> yeah
0021.43 <pineapplecharm> but you need to play ski or die
0021.47 <pineapplecharm> only 370K zipped
0021.55 <pineapplecharm> want it?
0021.55 <moonman> oh!!
0021.57 <moonman> yes!
0022.08 <moonman> I can totally DL that
0022.19 <pineapplecharm> okay all you need to know is this:
0022.24 <pineapplecharm> enter to jump
0022.29 <moonman> ok
0022.31 <pineapplecharm> enter plus arrow key to do a trick
0022.45 <pineapplecharm> shift to stab the other guy's inner tube
0022.46 <moonman> gotch yah
0022.51 <moonman> lol
0022.53 <pineapplecharm> shift plus arrow to change view in snowball fight
0023.01 <pineapplecharm> get penguins
0023.13 <pineapplecharm> avoid chainsaw bunnies and bear traps
0023.25 <moonman> ok I think got it, but I will c&p these!
0023.28 <pineapplecharm> use moguls in the half pipe to take off for excellent tricks
0023.50 <pineapplecharm> use 7,9,1 and 3 as well as normal arrow keys
0023.58 <pineapplecharm> combos score highest in acro aerials
0024.31 <pineapplecharm> oh, and always sign up at rodney's and 'go compete' - otherwise you won't get a high score
0024.41 <pineapplecharm> everything else you'll pick up
0024.48 <moonman> awesome!
0024.57 <pineapplecharm> oh and do yourself a favour.. turn off the music
0025.09 <moonman> I'm totally playing tonight once I have a few drinks and everyone is sleeping!!
0025.13 <moonman> well do
0025.15 <pineapplecharm> when I was 11 I thought it was cool but it starts to drill into my head now I'm older
0025.23 <pineapplecharm> esp on downhill; it's one long guitar solo..
0025.23 <moonman> lol
0025.26 <pineapplecharm> ..through the PC speaker
0025.29 <pineapplecharm> *shudder*
0025.31 <moonman> hahaha!

[ 370Kb, zipped ]

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