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Nothing much.. and online harrassment
30th Jan 2003

The Pixie matched today! I didn't even ask her, and she showed up to work in a lovely dotted dress that not only didn't clash but actually matched the site. So there you go, Grandy, my taste in colours is vindicated. Ha.

I'm currently trying to scan in this pie bag for you but we've lost the driver and it's a 47Mb download from HP. Can you believe it? They must think everyone has a leased line. You might have a while to wait.

Today I put in my first entry to Worth 1000 for a while; those of you who religiously follow every link I offer up will know why when they see it. It's also because I haven't really got anything to do today. I should get off my arse and start preparing this CorelDRAW presentation but frankly I'm too ill. Can't concentrate on anything. Humph.

Those of you wanting to know why the King appears to be so arrogant regarding his jet purchase should know about the inscription on the back of a taxi that services Mbuluzi (just past my house). "Royal Secret:" it says on the back, above a schematic crown symbol. "God'll fight for me." Or perhaps for his jet. Mind you, this is the guy who has "Mr. Nothing" on the windscreen so it's doubtful whether he actually knows what the hell he's saying. It is very possible he just thought it sounded good. On a similar note, I'd just like to point out how cross I am with myself for not supplying you with a photograph of "Rampant Chicken" in Umtata. Please accept my apologies.

The mice in the car and the house are now dead, thanks to the devastating effect of Rattex. Now all I have to do is find the remains. Lovely. I jumped like a girl trying to catch one with a machete the other night, when it ran out of the wrong end of the bookcase and over my foot, while I was studiously staring down a random shadow at the other. So I went for the good old 1970s tactic of throwing some obscenely strong chemicals at the problem and dealing with the aftermath in my own sweet time.

And finally (what a thrilling entry this was, eh?) the following absolutely terrifying exchange is currently going on online. Cave feminae.


Deviant Deceptress
Carl I bet you have lots of nasty pics of you hidden away somewhere? I'll pay you $20 for a pic of you being gagged and abused by 2 vigorous women. hehe


Bona Fide Babbler!
I'll toss in another $20 for that, but only if he shaves his head first.

redeye express

Just A Jackass
hell i'd give $40 just to have that done to me.

too bad it costs much more then that.


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