Full Flavour Behaviour!


I'm sure most of you have already solved the "Toys pillows cushions" mystery; if not, check the photos section. I was thrilled to work that one out, I can tell you. I was going to post another note that was left for me on Thursday, basically offering to clean my shoes so that they would be "white and shiny for Monday." I remember being astonished by the eagerness shown by my employees for a full forty minutes, until I opened the freezer and discovered that Lindiwe has been having chicken for lunch for the last two weeks. To be fair to her, I wasn't eating it, but it explains why she's so keen to do a bit extra!

I made sure to walk through a few muddy puddles before leaving the shoes.

Bob's big excitement will be tomorrow morning when we get a new puppy. This could either be very good (stopping him being bored / giving him a tasty snack) or very bad (gives him rabies / indigestion) but it's a risk I'm prepared to take to stop the whining bugger from being so pathetic whenever I get home at the end of a long day. I am currently knocking up a voting system so you can all suggest a name for it. Please don't suggest over email; I have enough strain as it is wading through all the BRI fan mail (yeah right) and junk email from people at the Times.

I also happened across some old pictures from Oxenford if you're interested, check the photos section.

Owing to illness the camping trip was cancelled last weekend so I'm off this Friday to the lowveld, mosquito net at the ready. Wish me luck.

Cheers then.

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