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yes I know it's march, get off my case
Thursday 6th

So hectic, so hectic.. I don't think. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if things are really hectic or if they're just normal, but Swaziland has lulled you into such a tranquil lifestyle that you think getting out of bed on time is pretty wild.

My only problem is that everything's so up in the air I don't want to get anyone too excited about stuff that won't happen. I shall, however, list a few things:

  • I'm leaving Real Image, hopefully to freelance for AM technical consulting.
  • I'm probably leaving Pine Valley, as Big Jock is back and needs the house.
  • I'm being visited by my Dad in about two weeks.
  • I can't bring myself to buy any of the God-awful cornershop radios for sale in town, which is irritating Lindiwe no end.
  • I'm totally in love. Again.
  • What sleeve?
  • I'm making a website for House On Fire.
  • Yes I am considering being paid with a bar tab.
  • I'm failing to write an image upload PHP script that works - sorry, Eva.
  • I am not failing to appreciate the worrying nature of that fact, given that it's a fairly basic operation.
  • The puppy is going bald but the vet reckons it's only because of undernourishment as an infant and he will recover.
  • I had too much coffee this morning and am a bit wobbly.
  • I have run out of things to write about.
  • I'm popping out for a glass of water..

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