Full Flavour Behaviour!

26th Feb

I walked through the rain of a wastrel of Summer
My feet splashing oil on the blue of my trousers
I didn't believe,
I just couldn't see
The grit and the drudgery
All about me
I looked at the traffic, a flick of my head
A meaningless break in the pace of my tread
I know you were watching..
But then I just walked
The lights and the raindrops, the islands and forks.
I sat with a drink and I blew out blue plumes
Into the darkness of close, satin rooms
But though I was smiling, the dread in my heart
Was boiling and melting my whole life apart.

The fear came upon me like mist on the hills
It rushed up my throat and it splashed on the sill
I threw up the window and gasped at the air
But choked on the turgid, black smoke that was there.
I ran to the sea and I stood on the pebbles
I called to the sky and felt myself helpless
I fell to my knees and I prayed for a sign..
Then knew
You'd been watching me all this long time.

I called in my debts and I boarded the plane
Euphoric yet scared I held onto your name
And when we had landed from vast rushing skies
The heat burned my throat and threw dust in my eyes
But then I could tell
That my body was purged
And a happiness grew in my belly
And surged through the night, through the rain
I had finally come
And found my true home under African sun.

So today as I walked through the sun of the morning
My feet throwing dust on the lips of my yawning
I knew I believed, I knew I could see
The beauty and openness all about me.
I looked at the traffic, and stuck out my thumb
Knowing that somebody kindly would come.

I know you are watching, I know you are pleased
A heart come to rest in the shade of your trees.

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