Full Flavour Behaviour!

I know

I know, although I feel it's wrong
For pain is never right
I know my duty's to be strong
But can I cry tonight?

May I give in, may I stay up
And suffer, cold and weak?
And fill my surely brimming cup
To spill forth down my cheek?

I may. I do. And so it goes
A cold and injured boy
Alone in bed from head to toes
No smiles, no laugh, no joy.

But in the morning, sun will rise
And sadness must away
There is no time for weeping eyes
At breaking of new day.

As long as I don't lock inside
The wrack of night time past
The ruin of a long lost bride
Will pass; it's all I ask.

Sorry to have neglected you all this past fortnight but I've had a lot on my plate recently. However, being a pragmatic chap I'm going to take one more night off to deal with some really quite difficult things.. and I'll be back. With a vengeance.. hopefully.



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