Full Flavour Behaviour!

You see? You see?

This is why I don't normally write lots of entries; the best-laid plans don't go oft awry in Swaziland, they rarely come to proper fruition at all.

We got as far as the car. It was packed and everything. Then it all seemed like too much hassle and we camped in the garden instead. It turned out to be the right idea as it was pretty chilly on Friday night - even down the valley, according to the visitors who turned up with kids in tow on Saturday.

Anywhichway, we barbequed and quaffed in the sunshine, swam in the river etc, and watched a lovely film called Interstate 60 - highly recommended. In all, it was a great weekend anyway; the animals can wait.

The other thing you have to appreciate about Swaziland is that the lines of communication don't so much go down as fall into advanced disrepair. It turns out the puppy is two months old already and so arrived this morning, with Ronny. I was first alerted to his presence by Bob growling.. oh dear. The new arrival spent most of the twenty minutes before I left having a bath and then crawling into corners, shivering and crying to himself. Well, we'll have to see how it goes.

I would have pictures but, of course, I left the camera on the farm. Oh well. He's comparable to a Labrador in general shape and aspect, except he's dark tan all over but for a white throat and feet. And, if I remember correctly, the tip of his tail. Feel free to suggest names for him on the front page but if you want to wait for photos it will probably be Wednesday before they're up.

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