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Camping tonight
Friday 14th Feb

Three cheers for yet another front page revamp! On the phone last night my sister said circles would be better than the square subsections but as I explained, circles tessellate into webpages about about as well as nervous male ungulates into emporia of porcelain goods. I'm sure she wondered what on Earth I was on about. Anyway.

No puppy! Apparently they were only born last week, so I instructed Lindiwe to reserve one but to hold back for a few weeks at least! I'm not really clear on the best time to take them away from the mother so any tips would be appreciated (you can't believe everything you read on the Internet, you know). A huge disappointment - especially as I spent an hour yesterday making a voting thing for all of you lot to suggest names for it. Ah, well. I won't make that live until we have some photos - you can't name a puppy wihtout pictures, however much Shelley wanted to last night.

I was hassled by a very beautiful hitcher this morning, who wanted me to join her church group. Her sales pitch seemed more centred on the earthly friends ("lots of white people come!") I would make, rather than the spiritual. I rather felt she was missing the point when she started banging on about how I would soon be going travelling with one "millionnaire" member of the congregation. I nodded, smiled, and booted her out on Gilfillan. Material rewards indeed.

Last weekend's postponed camping trip starts this afternoon; I'm leaving work early to get there before the gates close at 5. Exciting stuff! I'll be duelling the heat, black mambas, rhino and, of course, the omnipresent mosquitoes, in a pitched battle for survival over the weekend. Expect photos of me with one leg in plaster and suffering from malaria on Monday! We'll be tooled up with cooler boxes filled with ice, though, so the heat shouldn't be a problem. Neither, according to the menu we have drawn up, should iron or protein deficiency.

I'll be taking my camera, too, along with the teleconverter from eBay so you might even get to see some funky wildlife shots next week - w00t w00t!


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