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Friday 14th Feb

TOP 20 nicks on IRChat for this week

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1+jaymeekae229607700691 2227 "i might try playing with it but i wouldn't wanna take it from someone else"
2+Axiom62247041136 1926 "what are you talking about MC"
3+EvanTH635297202570 1704 "I like how it's quite matteroffact."
4+binder11793984 1308 "was wondering what to do"
5+Flatdog53659696 1291 "and change your user name...."
6+pineapplecharm442727 1169 "*hushed silence descends*"
7+Cyn57028120974 1134 "baby's are naturally selfish, he probably feels threatened when he is seeing her ..."
8+razzberri7214231727 1107 "click next again...after the he-skirrt"
9@Silkenfairy605118151213 1087 "Excellent H2H image Cyn"
10@Mister_IQ148609328 1085 "wow, this place fills up after 7:30"

'nuff said.

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