Full Flavour Behaviour!


What can I offer you, he asked, the turtle to the dove.
I scratch around in dirt below while you soar up above.
I know you're lonely in your nest but how can I be there?
And even if I were, you see, would you still really care?
How can I teach this chick to sing, how can I coach her flight
When all I have is toothless grin and heavy shell so tight.
She called from skies so clear and blue
I know it might sound funny
But turtle, though you're brown and slow
You're also f-ing yummy!
I don't need you to fetch my food or build me shelter strong
I won't ask you to judge my mood and tell me when I'm wrong.
I just want to be loved again; an hour, a night, a day
It needn't cause us any pain or take friendship away.
But turtle looked down at his shell, so hard and lined with care
And said, no, I don't think so girl, there is no yummy here.
A package that looks beautiful may still in truth contain
An ugly overwhelming pool of tears and blood and rain.
And dove went wheeling through the air and flashed a smile and said
You silly boy, why must you care.. so much! Ignore your head.
But turtle turned and softly spoke, he laid it on the line
On certain words he paused and choked but held himself from crying.
My dove, please understand me; although a night is fire
The ice of morning rising will show it for a pyre.
The people that you greet are not the people that you touch
Their friendship when you meet can never ever be as much
But if it turns out badly, if the ship is wrecked and lost
Survivors will be traumatised, they pay a bitter cost.
And dove she cried because she knew that turtle's mind had turned
But what he said it was the truth, no matter how it burned.
She turned and sighed and all was lost, and he watched her depart
A single tear dropped to the dust, and with it went his heart.
And now he sits alone and cold, no trees are near his bay
And no-one soars, and no-one cries, he's happier that way.
But do not sigh and cry for loss, it is no tragedy
While some are fixed, some sad events may or may not be.
And if you want to know the truth behind their failing love
Remember that Zoologists have writ..
..of turtledoves.

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