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Too.. much.. dinner..
Tuesday 25th

Hope you're all enjoying the new features and emailing bug reports to me in a studious fashion. I'm most impressed with the overall photo index, myself; 216 images, no less! I suppose I could come up with a utility to count the number of words.. in fact, I think I will. Hang about.. there you go. Blimey, that's quite a few words. And it will only go up, as long as nobody pulls the plug on the server or something, hem-hem.

I'm sure you're all very excited / disappointed / intrigued by yesterday's entry. To be honest, there's only one person it's meant to make any specific sense to, but I know of at least one who got something out of it anyway, which only goes to show. I watched a documentary the other night involving the main characters who put together Pink Floyd's The Wall and Gerald Scarfe said that he didn't find it at all exciting; it was a job. People have come up to him and said it changed their lives, and he was just making money.. well, so he says. English satirists aren't renowned for their boasting.

Not a lot else to talk about; Nicky turned 10 on Saturday and I was invited to join her and Jenny for a swanky dinner at the Calabash - easily Swaziland's best restaurant - by Nicky's godmother Zoe, who runs Zoe's Swazi Diary, by which I was hugely impressed. It was a fantastic evening. I had a great day on Sunday, morning on the farm and dinner back in Malkerns in the evening.

Last night I had the first problem with the Times site in.. what? Four months? Advanced diagnosis is user error - and that was while I was eating my dinner!

Additionally, last week, Pineapple Charm Investments, Pty. became a registered company, which should make me an MD and majority shareholder in a company worth an impressive E1000 by the end of the month. And you all said Africa was a bad idea!

AND it looks like the car will be ready this weekend.. hopefully. Ahem.

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